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LibreOffice v6.0.0 Fresh 2018

Release: LibreOffice v6.0.0 Fresh 2018

LibreOffice v6.0.0 Fresh 2018

LibreOffice v6.0.0 Fresh 2018

Size: 229MB
Format: EXE
Sprache: ENG
System: Win /7/8.1/10
Medizin: Key/Patch

LibreOffice is free for both private and educational or commercial use. Can be used without any licensing fees by your family, friends, co-workers, students, co-workers and so on.

Office package LibreOffice consists of several components integrated into the common core, in particular:
Text editor Writer;
Table editor Calc;
Means of creating and demonstrating Impress presentations;
Vector Draw editor;
Formula Editor Math;
Database management system Base.


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