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Ford Sync 2 F7 2018 Europa

Release: Ford Sync 2 F7 2018 Europa

Ford Sync 2 F7 2018 Europa

Ford Sync 2 SD-Karte mit Kartenmaterial für Europa/Türkei/Osteuropa

Version F7 ab 2018

Passend für folgende Modelle:

C-Max/Grand C-Max ab 04/2015
Focus ab 10/2014
Kuga ab 09/2015
S-Max ab 05/2015
Galaxy ab 05/2015
Mondeo ab 09/2014
Connect ab 06/2015
Mustang ab 03/2015
Transit ab 09/2014
Edge ab 03/2016

Ford OEM Nummer 2308519

Ford Navigation Update - Tutorial
Steps to follow

1.1 Actualization of map (F7)

1.1.1 Required
- a 32 gb microSD card (Class 10 but also Class 6 or 4), may be the F5 or F6 version if it's not the original Ford
- an Android phone and microSD slot with the SD-Booster installed on the Google Play Store
- a 45 Gb free space available on your computer for download and unzip

1.1.2 Link download for maps

see post above

1.3 MicroSD card preparation
- the microSD card (unmodified, FAT32) is put in the Android phone and with the SD-Booster application (Google play ) you find out its serial number by pressing the adjacent symbol (following the prefix 0x ...)
- or, if there is already a F5 or F6 map version on the card, copy and save the SdCard.key file without having to be inserted into your Android phone
- then remove the physical write protection from the SD (lock off) adapter if it exists, put the card in the computer and format exFAT
- if a SdCard.key file is not already present, insert the serial number of the microSD card into the GenFordKey.exe application in the Keygen folder of the downloaded and unzipped map (if you run a runtime error, install vcredist_x86.exe from the same directory first). At the click of the single button of the application, the SdCard.key file will be generated which is copied directly to the card together with the rest of the files downloaded and unzipped as in Figure 1-2.

Info: To save space, you can delete voice recognition directories, keeping at least ENG (\\ SDCARD \ Nuance \ VCA \ data \ *). Afterwards you can copy the music to the card, which will be indexed if the file DONTINDX.MSA is deleted directly from the card



Wähle einen Hoster. Sofern die Hoster die gleiche Anzahl an Dateien haben, sind diese untereinander kompatibel.

  • 50 Dateien24,28 GB
  • 50 Dateien24,28 GB
  • 50 Dateien24,28 GB
  • 50 Dateien24,28 GB


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