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Chronos Labelist 10.0.2 MACOSX

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Chronos Labelist 10.0.2 MACOSX

The Nr.1 label software for Mac includes everything you need to create labels, envelopes, & letterhead.

Labelist is the fastest way to design and print professional labels, and more on your Mac.

Its modern design eliminates the headaches typically associated with printing these items so you can
get your work done faster.

Labelist is your personal printing assistant. It takes care of details like mail-merge,
automatic formatting, and automatic numbering so you don't have to.

• Address labels
• CD/DVD labels
• Jewel case inserts
• Jewel case booklets
• Shipping labels
• Product labels
• Letterhead
• Office equip. labels
• Admission tickets
• Disk labels
• File folder labels
• Automated labels
• ID labels
• Inventory labels
• Name tags
• Business labels
• Video labels
• Color coding labels
• Name badge labels
• Multiuse labels
• Warning labels
• Envelopes
• Gift tags
• Raffle tickets
• Audio tape labels
• Binder labels
• Rotary cards

Place information from the macOS Contacts app directly on your design using 350+ smart fields.

Smart fields take care of details like name, address, and phone number formatting, so
information doesn't have to be entered in a certain way.

You can choose from over 20 pre-formatted return and delivery address blocks to place on your designs.

There's even a formal wedding invitation address format. Of course, you can also create your own.

Change the address (on a per contact basis) directly from the print preview.

Suppose you have a mailing that you're sending to each contact's home address, but you notice a contact
who's currently staying at her second home.

Change just her label to use her second home address instead.

Labelist includes everything you need to create impressive labels, envelopes, and letterhead.

Whether you're reinventing your company image or producing a mass mailing, Labelist has you covered.

When you're printing mailing labels, you probably want to use the same design for every label.

However, there are times when you may want to use a different design for each label on the page.

Up until now, you had to create a separate document for each of your designs and then print each
document separately — a very cumbersome process.

Now you can select a particular label on a page and create a special design for just that label.

Labelist makes it easy to copy designs between labels on a page, so you can make minor changes
like changing a color or graphic from label to label.

You can even create multiple pages of labels where each page has its own custom labels.

Labelist supports 1,500+ stocks from companies like Avery, DYMO, NEATO, HP, Imation, TDK, etc.

Avery's new marketing labels help you create your own unique branding and merchandising right
from your Mac.

These marketing labels come in non-traditional sizes and layouts including circle, oval, square,
arched, and bag toppers.

Labelist supports these new label formats and even includes 30+ built-in templates.

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