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FilmLight Baselight for Avid 5.1.10652 MACOSX

Release: FilmLight.Baselight.for.Avid.v5.1.10652.MACOSX-AMPED

FilmLight Baselight for Avid 5.1.10652 MACOSX

Baselight Editions extends the capabilities of a high-end colour grading system directly onto the Avid
timeline in a powerful, flexible, and tightly integrated workflow.

Everything you do within Baselight for Avid – or a full Baselight system – is saved within the project
and can be embedded in an AAF file and/or saved to the FilmLight BLG file format.

The grade can be exported from a full Baselight suite and imported into Avid so you can apply a full,
complex grade in a matter of seconds – without rendering. It includes all grading layers, tracking
information and even keyframes so no manual adjustment is needed.

And the workflow is fully bidirectional – if the grade is changed in Avid it can be exchanged with
a Baselight system or even another Avid suite just as easily, with all edits intact and without
needing to conform.

Baselight for Avid allows you to view – or to render – grades passed between departments via BLG data
encoded in AAF files – without purchase.

It’s perfect for collaboration with colleagues or facilities that don’t have Baselight, or that don’t
need complete creative control of the look.

The full licence for Baselight for Avid allows you to modify the grade if you need to – with the power
of the Baselight core toolset and without leaving Avid.

This AVX plugin features unlimited layers of colors, grading inside and outside mattes, variable
feathering, point tracking and area tracking — all live and fluidly interactive on the Avid
timeline, minimising and even eliminating the need to go back into the colour suite with
last-minute changes.

If you're not already familiar with Baselight, you'll find the intuitive and friendly
interface quick to work with.

Original Scene Release Read NFO.



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