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Symantec Ghost BootCD v12.0.0.10520

Release: Symantec Ghost BootCD v12.0.0.10520

Symantec Ghost BootCD v12.0.0.10520

Symantec Ghost BootCD v12.0.0.10520

Size: 414MB
Format: ISO
Sprache: GER/Multi
System: Win 7/8.1/10


Norton Ghost creates and restores backup images of the entire disk, partition, or individual folders, and allows you to recover the system even when everything seems compromised.

Norton Ghost operations happen “hot”, which means that you can continue to use Windows and its applications during rescue operations. There are also no options for scheduling these actions at predefined intervals or when certain events occur. The copy can be uploaded to a partition of your system, on a CD / DVD, on Blu-ray or on a USB removable media.

Norton Ghost leaves nothing to chance, and also assumes that you no longer have access to Windows, for example because some boot files are corrupt. In these cases, if you have previously created the Norton Ghost Recovery Disk, you can perform a system boot with this CD and start a recovery procedure using an already saved image.


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