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Engineering Dynamics Corp HVE 13 SP1

Release: Engineering.Dynamics.Corp.HVE.v13.SP1-AMPED

Engineering Dynamics Corp HVE 13 SP1

HVE is a complete 3D simulation environment providing vehicle design engineers, safety researchers and accident
reconstructionists with an extremely sophisticated (but very easy to use) tool for their routine work.

Using advanced, state-of-the-art physics programs specifically designed to take advantage of the capabilities
found in HVE, you can effectively perform studies to evaluate the dynamic handling behavior of existing and
prototype vehicle designs, design and test the effectiveness of vehicle braking systems, study driver
response to transient effects caused by tire blow-outs or irregular terrain, simulate vehicle-to-barrier
and vehicle-to-vehicle crash tests, simulate real-world crashes and identify potential sources of
occupant injury resulting from those same crashes.

A series of editors within HVE allow you to move freely between model set-up (human, vehicle and environment),
event management and results.

Additionally, HVE offers an extensive feature set available in several HVE-compatible simulation programs.

These features allow for advanced simulation of vehicle control systems, driver reactions, tire or brake
system failures and 3D collision modeling.

Each HVE-compatible physics program (e.g. SIMON, GATB) is an independent program running inside the HVE
simulation environment.

Using HVE, you can:

* Simulate vehicle rollovers including exterior damage.
* Simulate the response of multiple occupants during a rollover collision including contact between the
* Simulate a crash sequence, change the initial conditions to study avoidability and route both results
directly to video showing multiple views including the driver of each vehicle.
* Use virtual thermocouples to monitor brake lining temperatures on a downhill grade.
* Use virtual accelerometers to monitor the velocity and acceleration at any location in the vehicle.
* Simulate the transient response of a vehicle before, during and after a tire blowout.
* Study the effect of occupant positioning on restraint system effectiveness.
* Create a complex 3D terrain mesh and drive a vehicle on it.
* Use the HVE Path Follower to simulate the driver steering inputs required to negotiate a complex curve.

HVE is a Virtual 3D World — HVE models humans, vehicles and the environment as sophisticated 3-dimensional
objects and allows you to study their interaction.

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