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Lumina Analytica Decision Engine and Optimizer 5.1.6 X64 / X86

Release: Lumina.Analytica.Decision.Engine.and.Optimizer.v5.1.6.X64.X86-AMPED

Lumina Analytica Decision Engine and Optimizer 5.1.6 X64 / X86

Analytica Decision Engine and Optimizer.

ADE gives you Analytica's computational muscle with the means to seamlessly link it to your software.

With ADE, you can deliver Analytica models to your end users as a Web application or via a custom
graphical user interface.

Using Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Office applications, and many other environments, ADE lets
you create a user interface to your Analytica model which will allow your customer to focus on
model's insights, while shielded from the structure and complexity of your decision
support application.

Using ADE as a back-end to your custom application, your customers won't need to learn Analytica,
or any other modeling environment.

ADE can be linked to a Web server to provide decision support to your customers around the office,
the country, or the world.

When called from your application, ADE can read, modify, and evaluate any Analytica model.

ADE can also be used to create and save models, which are completely compatible with Analytica.

Optimizer is the highest edition level of Analytica.

It includes all Enterprise features, plus the addition of powerful solver engines.

It discovers decision values that minimize or maximize any quantified objective,
subject to constraints.

Or, in cases where an objective quantity is not present, it finds feasible solutions within
constraint boundaries.

It handles Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, and general Non-Linear Programming,
and automatically distinguishes among all of them.

Decision variables can be continuous, semi-continuous, discrete(Integer or Boolean), or mixed.

Best of all, Analytica Optimizer seamlessly integrates optimization capability with all
of Analytica's core features including:

Monte Carlo simulation and Intelligent Arrays, simplifying model structure,
and improving visual accessibility.

It's a complete decision solution that combines solving power, scalability, and ease of use like
no other optimization platform.

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