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Avenza MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator 10.1.1

Release: Avenza.MAPublisher.for.Adobe.Illustrator.v10.1.1-AMPED

Avenza MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator 10.1.1

MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator is powerful map production software for creating high-quality maps
from GIS data.

MAPublisher cartographic tools leverage the superior graphic design environment of Adobe Illustrator
to manipulate features and produce print-ready, mobile, and online maps with accuracy and efficiency.

Enhancements and new features of MAPublisher 10:

* Fully compatible with the latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 on both Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
* New ability to create and manage data links for MAPublisher documents. MAP layers in
a document can be updated when its source data has been modified.
* New attribute filter capability to select which layers and attributes to include or
exclude prior to import.
* New geometry filter capability to select which features to include or exclude prior to import.
* New scale bar styles and customization options including ability to save, import, and export
scale bar styles.
* New Visvalingam-Whyatt simplification method and fault tolerance settings to simplify art.
* New MAP Tagger Tool ability to create custom leader lines with various arrow styles and
an option to snap leader line to different positions around a label.
* A new Point Utilities action that can rotate points to the angle of latitude.
* A modified Text Utilities action that can draw a point for text based upon text alignment
for indexing purposes.
* New settings for North Arrow location including True North and a custom coordinate and
options to use Great Circle or compass method.
* New MAP Web Author HTML5 export customization options including adjustable scale bar.
* A number of user interface and usability enhancements.

Original Scene Release Read NFO.

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