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Tetraface Metasequoia 4.6.6 X64 / X86

Release: Tetraface.Metasequoia.v4.6.6.X64.X86-AMPED

Tetraface Metasequoia 4.6.6 X64 / X86

Metasequoia is the 3D modeling software to edit 3D data for graphic design or 3D printing.

Metasequoia has basic polygon editing functions.

And it also has functions to assist in the finer processing.

The following features have been added and improved, in ver. 4.0 or later.

* Fill up a hole - It automatically fill in the holes on the surface.
* Bridge - It creates a pipe-shaped polygon in between holes.
* Bevel - creating a fillet surface (a rounded corner) is added

You can make a polygon with 5 or more points.

And you can easily add edges (divide a face) or erase edges (merge faces).

By Armature-function, you can create an object shape along the center line.

You can create an object by specifying only the center line and the line width.

This feature will reduce the time to create the object.

And you can edit the generated object in more detail by modeling capabilities.

Setting the Bone-function, the object can be linked to the deformation of bones.

And Morph-function is a function to slide the vertex.

You can create such as facial expressions.

Bone and Morph settings can be exported to the corresponding file format, FBX or PMD.

UVedit-function is greatly improved.
New features; automatic unwrapping, and splitting or stitching, etc. are added.

OpenSubdiv -a Pixar's subdivision surface- is now supported.

By setting the weights to the vertex or line, the edges of the object are generated.

And, you get the texture whose distortion of UV is less.

If you export OpenSubdiv object to FBX file, you can transfer the shape data between
compatible software.

Ambient occlusion makes dark in the secluded part, and bright in the opening part.

This results are exported to the vertex colors, and you can check the objects from
any direction.

You can get high-quality rendering image by RenderMan with Metasequoia 4.

Metasequoia supports several file formats of third-party 3DCG software.

You can pass files to each other with most of 3DCG software.

When you import or export, Metasequoia will support the conversion of the
coordinate axes, and reversing the surface direction, and specifying
the magnification factor.

It will resolve the differences of each software.

Original Scene Release Read NFO.



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