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Vember Audio Surge VSTi v1.2.2

Release: Vember Audio Surge VSTi v1.2.2

Vember Audio Surge VSTi v1.2.2

Binary is beautiful
A digital recording is just a sequence of numbers. Easily quantifiable as ones and zeros, stored on physical media,combined together into larger numbers to form a continuous stream of data.
Until you listen to it. Then it becomes real.
SURGE is an instrument capable of generating truly beautiful
sequences of numbers. Your ears will agree with us.
More than the sum of its parts
Architecturally speaking, SURGE is a rather complex synthesizer. But because of how it's put together it's stilleasy to learn. Once you do, you will turn the sounds in your head to audio faster than ever.
The effortless workflow, attention to detail and the sound quality can't really be appreciated without trying it yourself. We suggest you try the demo!



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