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Deep Purple - To The Rising Sun In Tokyo (2015)

Release: Deep Purple - To The Rising Sun In Tokyo (2015)

Deep Purple - To The Rising Sun In Tokyo (2015)

Deep Purple - To The Rising Sun In Tokyo (2015) BD25

Deep Purple are clearly one of the most legendary bands in rock history. For many, they are regarded as the founders of hard rock - a narrowing which has often been refused by the band, their music is always a melting pot of rock'n'roll, jazz, funk and orchestral music.
With her last studio album "NOW What ?!" The band managed once again to storm the charts worldwide and to manifest their status as one of the most important bands of rock history.
Now it is time to set a memorial to their success album through two live performances, which could not be more different.
"From The Setting Sun ... (In Wacken)" takes us from the sunset of the Wacken Open Air Festival 2013 into the land of the rising sun. "... To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)" was recorded in April 2014 in the notorious Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, the place where the most famous and successful live album of "Made In Japan" was released.
Two nights, which could not be more different.

A band, two people's masses, two countries - in fact a story from two cities. It goes from the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany, one of the biggest metal festivals in the world - and its own closed city - to Japan in the handsome Nippon Budokan, the most revered concert venue in Tokyo. Two places that could not be more different.

Wacken is a success story unparalleled. Founded by two friends in a field in rural northern Germany, it developed into one of the best organized and most visited metal festivals ever. We were incredibly impressed by the location, the security, the backstage area and the camping area ... in fact, the entire production was more than superb. And so did the audience, who, when we took up this incredible sight from the stage, awoke something within us. As the sun went down, we received a sea of ??tattoos and black leather.
The audience at festivals is always special, as most visitors are more interested in the event than a certain band. For us, this is a welcome challenge every time, and also a chance to reach all those who have not known us so far. But the real stars are always in the audience anyway. Thank you, Wacken.

In contrast, the atmosphere in Budokan, which resembles that of a temple of peace (with the exception of the infamous event in which the interior of the hall was destroyed) was in stark contrast. "Made In Japan" have been recorded there to a large extent and since then we have been performing many more times. For such a large hall, the acoustics is excellent; The concert hall impresses us each time anew.
On this evening we entered the hall through the back entrance, climbed the cool marble steps, and found ourselves in the well-known backstage rooms. We felt like we were the only people in the building; We could not imagine an audience waiting for us before the stage.
But, of course, it was there, young and old, patiently waiting or suffering-the epitome of courtesy. It is the respectful silence in a cathedral. But the audience is there to rock. And how they do that. While waiting, it may be quiet, but during the show it is far from being shy. The people catered for an unforgettable evening. Thank you, Tokyo.

"From The Setting Sun ... (In Wacken)" was recorded with 9 HD cameras during the Wacken Open Air Festival 2013. For the first time in Deep Purples band history, the band publishes a 3D version of their performance. "... To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)" was filmed with 12 HD cameras in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo in April 2014.

The audio recordings of both shows were mixed by Eike Freese and Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) together with Roger Glover in Hamburg.

Cast: Deep Purple
Format: PAL, Blu-ray
Language: English
Subtitle: -
Region: All regions
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Edel Germany GmbH
Date of publication: 2015
Genre: Rock
Playing time: 113 minutes


01. Après Vous
02. Into The Fire
03. Hard Lovin‘ Man
04. Strange Kind Of Woman
05. Vincent Price
06. Contact Lost
07. Uncommon Man
08. The Well-Dressed Guitar
09. The Mule
10. Above And Beyond
11. Lazy
12. Hell To Pay
13. Don Airey’s Solo
14. Perfect Strangers
15. Space Truckin‘
16. Smoke On The Water
17. Green Onions / Hush
18. Black Night

Video: MPEG-4 ([email protected]), 30.0 Mbps, 1920x1080i, 16:9, 29.970 fps
Audio: English, DTS-HD Master/Core 2.0, 1329/768kbps, 48 kHz, 16-bit
Audio: English, DTS-HD Master/Core 5.1, 2943/768kbps, 48 kHz, 16-bit
Subtitle: -
Playtime: 01h:53min


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