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Orianthi - Believe II Deluxe Japanese Edition (2010)

Release: Orianthi - Believe II Deluxe Japanese Edition (2010)

Orianthi - Believe II Deluxe Japanese Edition (2010)

Orianthi - Believe II Deluxe Japanese Edition (2010) CD/DVD5 NTSC

Believe is the second studio album by Australian guitarist Orianthi and her debut album recorded for a major label. It was released on 26 October 2009 by Geffen Records. The album's release was pushed back by Geffen to coincide with the compilation album This Is It by Michael Jackson, as a result of the publicity generated from her appearance in the concert film of the same name. The album peaked at number 77 at the Billboard 200.

The song "Believe" from which the album is titled, is a cover of the Niels Brinck's song "Believe Again", best known as the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai appears on and co-wrote the song "Highly Strung". "Suffocated", a cover of a song by American band Sound the Alarm, appears on the soundtrack of music video game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

The album was re-released on 8 June 2010. Several tracks from Believe are remixed ("Bad News", "Think Like a Man", and "What's It Gonna Be"), while God Only Knows, Untogether, and Drive Away are omitted. It also includes four new songs, including the album's second single "Shut Up and Kiss Me"

Starring: Orianthi
Format: CD + DVD NTSC
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Universal International
Release date: 29 Oct 2010
Genre: Pop, Rock
Playing time: 96 min


DVD: (43min)
Music Video
01. According To You
02. Highly Strung
03. Shut Up & Kiss Me

Making Off
01. According To You
02. Highly Strung
03. Shut Up & Kiss Me

CD: (53min)
01. Shut Up & Kiss Me [3:17]
02. According To You [3:20]
03. Courage [3:39]
04. Bad News [3:06]
05. Feels Like Home [4:17]
06. Think Like A Man [3:22]
07. What’s It Gonna Be [2:50]
08. Missing You [3:42]
09. Suffocated [3:04]
10. Highly Strung [4:08]
11. Believe [3:41]
12. Addicted To Love [3:43]
13. Sunshine Of Your Love [4:00]
14. According To You [Jason Sangerman Remix] [3:40]
15. Sunshine Of Your Love [Juke Mix] [4:00]

Video: MPEG-2, NTSC, 8340kbps, 720x480, 4:3, 29,970 fps
Audio: English, LPCM, 2ch, 1536kbps, 48 kHz
Subtitle: -
Playtime: 1h:36min


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