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Stream of Passion - Memento (2016)

Release: Stream of Passion - Memento (2016)

Stream of Passion - Memento (2016)

Stream of Passion - Memento (2016) DVD5 PAL

Stream of Passion was a Dutch Progressive-Metal / Symphonic-Metal band from 2005 to 2016

The end is near, the countdown has been taking a while. Still waiting for more than a month, then the last performance of Stream Of Passion is a fact, in the sold out Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht. After that, we are happy to have the CDs and images, among other things, as a reminder. On September 2th, during the sold out show in P60 in Amstelveen, recordings were made for a DVD and they will soon appear under the name Memento.

The undersigned was present and made a report. It was an evening to not forget. It was very cozy. In addition to many celebrities, fans from different countries were present. The atmosphere was very positive and the public's reactions were exuberant. Marcela Bovio and her men were watching and hearing from their best side and were pleasantly surprised with the interest and response.

This feeling is nicely recorded on the DVD. All songs are on it, only moments are cut out. The sound quality is very good. Clearly, Joost van den Broek has a lot of keys, but that's just the pleasure of listening. Collide and The Curse, for example, have extra power through the extra heavy riffs. The Radiohead cover Street Spirit and Haunted also have something extra. Nostalgia is one of the highlights because there is so much sense.

The feeling and passion of the band members are precisely recorded from various positions, both far and near. Each musician is well-framed with close-ups. The energy splash of the stage and the contact between Johan and Marcela have been well imagined a few times. The same goes for the enthusiasm of the public. You see and hear fans singing, jumping and flaping.

You get the feeling that you relive the concert. It was an unforgettable evening now set for the fans. "A very special evening immortalized on video" with a beautiful light show and memorable songs. Memento is a very well-kept document that will keep the memory of Stream of Passion alive forever.

Starring: Stream of Passion
Format: PAL
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Not On Label
Release date: 2016
Genre: Rock, Metal
Playing time: 104 min


03.A War Of Our Own
04.In The End
06.When You Hurt Me The Most
07.Don’t Let Go
10.Open Your Eyes
13.Out In The Real World
14.Street Spirit
15.This Endless Night
16.I Have A Right
18.The Curse

- Aftermovie
- The Build up

Video: MPEG-2, PAL, 8340kbps, 720x576, 16:9, 25,000 fps
Audio: English, AC-3, 2ch, 192kbps, 48 kHz
Subtitle: -
Playtime: 1h:44min


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