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Yello - Yello By Yello The Videos (2010)

Release: Yello - Yello By Yello The Videos (2010)

Yello - Yello By Yello The Videos (2010)

Yello - Yello By Yello The Videos (2010) DVD5 PAL

The Swiss music project Yello was founded in the end of the 70's as trio from Boris Blank, Dieter Meier and Carlos Peron. Already their second release, the extremely rhythmic "Bostich" became a club hit. Yello offered avant-garde, rhythmic electro pop, which required completely new listening habits but was nevertheless very successful. In 1983, Carlos Peron left the project and Yello became a duo, which also produced with guest musicians. The single "The Rhythm Divine", with Yello working with Shirley Bassey.

It was followed by hit songs such as "Vicious Games", where the electric guitar brought a new component into their sound. But also songs like "Desire", "Tied Up", "Oh Yeah" or "The Race" were among their most successful numbers, which still inspire today. With their videos Blank and Meier were also up-to-date and proved that these music films can also be provided with a proper portion of humor. When Yello became acquainted, the time of the music videos had begun and the television had just discovered this new way of playing the music as Yello climbed into the charts with her songs. Their videos were small works of art and the combination of music and images eventually became a total work of art.

The two played with new sounds so far and did not revolutionize the pop music of the 80 's. The fact that parts of the play "The Race" have been used for a long time as the title music of the music transmission "Formel 1", which presented the charts weekly in the form of music videos, proves that they met the zeitgeist with their music. At the beginning of November, a very beautiful work of Yello appears in two configurations:

"Yello By Yello - The Singles Collection 1980-2010" contains the 20 biggest single hits of the long career Yello's as well as a new version of their hit "Vicious Games", which was completely reworked in production and arrangement and with the voice of the Swiss pop singer Heidi Happy sounds more compelling than ever before. The "Singles Collection" also includes a DVD with 23 groundbreaking Yello videos.

"Yello by Yello - The Anthology Box" is an opulent 3-CD box set. In addition to the "Singles Collection 1980 - 2010" it contains the double CD "The Anthology". Dieter Meier and Boris Blank have summarized the Yello-tracks of the last 30 years, which are very personal for them. Thus, a kind of acoustic biography emerged, in which one can comprehend the musical development stages of Yello's as a collection of creative key moments. In addition, Yello will give their fans three new songs: "Dialectical Kid", "Liquid Lies" and "Tears Run Dry". Each one of them shows how vital and at the same time the Yello-Sound is still in the year 2010. Also "The Anthology Box" contains a DVD with all important Yello videos. In addition, this high-quality box set contains a 48-page booklet with rare photos and personal comments and comments Yello's to the individual stations of her unique career.

I am the "The Anthology Box", which in a box made of cardboard four silver (three CDs and a DVD) in so-called Papersleeves. It shows in sound perfection the development of this extraordinary and stylistic project. On the one hand, you can listen to all the singles on the CD, but they are not arranged in chronological order. On the other hand, the two CDs of "The Anthology" show how extensive the repertoire of the two Swiss musicians is. And with the DVD, you have all the videos of the band in mind. The whole is garniert by a very nice, 48-page booklet.

"The Anthology Box" is a great work of the Swiss project Yello, which leaves nothing to be desired. It shows how far Blank and Meier were ahead of their time in the 80's and how timeless their pieces still sound today. A worthwhile purchase, not just for friends of the 80s music.

Starring: Yello
Format: PAL
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Polydor
Release date: 05 Nov 2010
Genre: Electronic
Playing time: 86 min


01. Evening’s Young (1981)
02. Pinball Cha Cha (1982)
03. I Love You (1983)
04. Lost Again (1983)
05. Bostich (1984)
06. Vicious Games (1985)
07. Desire (1985)
08. Goldrush (1986)
09. Oh Yeah (1987)
10. Call It Love (1987)
11. Rhythm Divine (1987)
12. Race (1988)
13. Tied Up (1988)
14. Whos‘ Gone (1991)
15. Jungle Bill (1992)
16. Do It (1994)
17. To The Sea (1997)
18. On Track (1997)
19. Planet Dada (2003)
20. Expert (2009)
21. Tiger Dust (2009)
22. Tangier Dust (2009)
23. Bostich (reflected) (2009)

Video: MPEG-2, PAL, 8340kbps, 720x576, 4:3, 25,000 fps
Audio: English, LPCM, 2ch, 1536kbps, 48 kHz, 16 bits
Subtitle: -
Playtime: 1h:26min


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