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Yes - The Yes Album 1971 (2014)

Release: Yes - The Yes Album 1971 (2014)

Yes - The Yes Album 1971 (2014)

Yes - The Yes Album 1971 (2014) BD25

THE YES ALBUM Personnel: Jon Anderson: Vocals, Bill Bruford: Percussion, Steve Howe: Guitars, Vocals, Chris Squire: Bass & Vocals, Tony Kaye: Keyboards.

With a series of songs now regarded as band classics & frequently performed in concert, it takes some imagination to think of The Yes Album as a ‘difficult third album’. Yet, as the interviews conducted for the sleeve-notes for this edition make clear, the recording took place against a backdrop that was far from ideal. Despite a fine live reputation & two well-received albums, Yes had not made the commercial breakthrough to a wider audience that some of the band’s British label mates on Atlantic had achieved.

However, with the arrival of Steve Howe as guitarist, a better concept of what the band was trying to achieve in the studio with engineer/co-producer Eddie Offord & a focus on material that could be played live with the same punch as the studio recordings, The Yes Album proved to be that vital step to a much wider audience in Europe & America.

From the opening notes of “Yours is No Disgrace” to the final fade of “Perpetual Change”, the sound is of a band that is brimming with musical confidence. As Bill Bruford recalls “You gave it your best but it was a fast-moving world and you had to give more than your best.” The band may have been down to its last few pounds, the management may have been changing, the record label concerned, but there was no compromise in the studio as Yes produced the band’s first classic album, in a year where there was plenty of healthy competition for that much over-used term.

A full forty-three years on from the album’s UK chart debut, YES will be back in Europe – starting in the UK – performing a show that includes the album performed in its entirety.

This edition coincides with that tour. As with last year’s release of Close to the Edge, the CD features a completely new stereo mix, while the DVD-A features new stereo & 5.1 surround sound mixes all by Steven Wilson, a flat transfer of the original album master & a complete alternate album with tracks drawn from a mixture of singles edits, live tracks & an extended mix.

With expanded artwork & new sleeve-notes this is the definitive edition of The Yes Album and the second in a series of remixed and expanded Yes albums.

Cast: Yes
Format: Blu-ray
Language: English
Subtitle: -
Region: All regions
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
Number of discs: 1
Label: Rykodisc (Warner)
Date of publication: 2014
Genre: Rock
Playing time: 291 minutes


01. Surround Mix 24/96 / Original Stereo Mixes 24/192
02. Yours Is No Disgrace [9:45]
03. The Clap [3:18]
04. Starship Trooper [9:34]
05. I’ve Seen All Good People [7:00]
06. A Venture [3:33]
07. Perpetual Change [8:53]

Additional Material: Alternate Album LPCM Stereo 24/96
08. Yours Is No Disgrace (Live, London 1971) [11:28]
09. Clap (Studio Version) [4:01]
10. Starship Trooper (Single Edit) [3:28]
11. I’ve Seen All Good People (Live, London 1971) [7:46]
12. A Venture (Extended Mix) [4:45]
13. Perpetual Change (Live, New Haven 1971) [14:42]

Blu-ray Exclusive – Single Versions, Edits & Live LPCM Stereo 24/96
14. Your Move (Single Version / Stereo) [2:55]
15. Clap (Single Version / Stereo) [3:12]
16. America (Live, London 1971) [15:58]
17. It’s Love (Live, London 1971) [11:06]
18. Your Move (Single Version / Mono) [3:00]

2014 Stereo Instrumental Music
19. Yours Is No Disgrace [9:44]
20. The Clap [3:17]
21. Starship Trooper [9:35]
22. I’ve Seen All Good People [7:00]
23. A Venture [3:33]
24. Perpetual Change [8:54]

Needle-Drop A1/B1 UK Vinyl Transfer LPCM Stereo 24/96
25. Yours Is No Disgrace
26. Clap
27. Starship Trooper: Life Seeker / Disillusion / Wurm
28. I’ve Seen All Good People: Your Move / All Good People
29. A Venture
30. Perpetual Change

Video: MPEG-4 ([email protected]), 6.5 Mbps, 1920x1080p, 16:9, 23,976 fps
Audio: Undetermined / DTS-HD Master Audio / 5.1 / 96 kHz / 7804 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
Audio: Undetermined / LPCM Audio / 5.1 / 96 kHz / 13824 kbps / 24-bit
Audio: Undetermined / LPCM Audio / 2.0 / 96 kHz / 4608 kbps / 24-bit
Audio: Undetermined / LPCM Audio / 2.0 / 192 kHz / 9216 kbps / 24-bit
Subtitle: -
Playtime: 04h:51min


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