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Zorbits Orbits

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Zorbits Orbits

Zorbit's Orbits is a 2D platformer inspired by games like Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a Mario Galaxy twist.

Started by two pals with no experience while they were working at a dry cleaners, Zorbit's Orbits involves hardcore platforming elements, puzzle solving, and intense boss fights. The levels are circular, requiring the player to consider each planet's gravity as they hop or orbit between them. Zorbit can also use his grapple hook in order to reach new places and shoot his blaster to defeat the evil Globulons, organic monsters with an appetite for robot.

Zorbit’s Orbits includes 8 hand-drawn, incredibly detailed levels, with a funky soundtrack and tons of secrets to discover.

Try your hand at several difficulty levels, everything from infinite lives to one-hit game overs.



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