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The Piano

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The Piano

A fusion of traditional survival horror, story-driven adventure, and noir-influenced murder mystery, The Piano is an unsettling journey through 1940s Paris.Born to an American father and a French mother in the aftermath of the Great War, John Barnerway lived in the shadow of his three brothers. George, Louis and Valentine were renowned pianists - but when John is accused of their murders, he finds himself at the centre of a media witch-hunt that sees him traversing the lonely streets of Paris in search of answers.FeaturesTrue psychological horror: delve into the darkest corners of John's mindGather clues and solve puzzles in search of answersEvade terrifying foes that stalk the empty streets of ParisPiece together a fragmented story to uncover the truthA noir-influenced aesthetic, with heavily stylised visualsImmersive soundtrack and full voice acting


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