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Gates of Horn and Ivory

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Gates of Horn and Ivory

Gates of Horn and Ivory is a psychological 2D puzzle platformer game for PC that offers you one possible theory of our world – of our existence. Have you ever been thinking what happens after death? Or where does the universe end? What is beyond this visible universe? Are we really just bound to 3 dimensions? How does gravity affect time?These are the questions we think about every day. And we think that we have some interesting, thought provoking answers to them. Gates of Horn and Ivory will open those questions, and provide you with something to ponder. We think it is a really fascinating thought experiment to turn over the whole worldview and think: “What if…?”.Gates of Horn and Ivory offers a spoken story during the players adventure in an outer dimension. There are a few ways the story can be resolved - this meaning multiple endings. As a player, you can gather hints about the world around us and increase your knowledge of existence. This game has been made keeping also speedrunners in mind.What our beta testers have said?"The deepest lore in any game, ever." - mikezi @ Twitch"You've made something quite thought consuming. I'm not saying that I'm hooked. Just constantly thinking about getting home and playing through it." - MacStache @ TwitchFeatures:Over 180 rooms to discover containing hand-crafted 4K resolution artMultiple endings3 - 8 hours of main gameplay depending on the endingMany unlockable skillsDozens of puzzles to solveHundreds of collectiblesOptional hidden areas & speedrun modeSpoken dialogues & monologuesUnique soundtrack composed by a professional composer Juhani JunkalaSoundtrack:Available on Bandcamp: ( also check out our website for news!



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