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Agent girl

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Agent girl

In 2039, the global energy resources began to be extremely scarce and all kinds of resources were about to be depleted. As a result, all nations started forming alliances and started an energy war between them.In times of war, in order to prevent the outbreak of The Third World War, an underground mysterious organization dedicated to the maintenance of world peace came forward. It is ☆ Red Star Organization ☆.The organization has developed a plan to train "Agents girls", selected a group of girls with excellent potential, and trained them to carry out secret missions.Every girl selected is a lifelong mission of safeguarding world peace and the organization will develop them into the best female agents.Game features:Players need to operate a lovely little girl in the future world, all kinds of decryption. After each decryption, you can go to the next level and discover the new scene, at the same time the story will continue.Trading cards (soon)Operation method:1.Move the mouse or keyboard ↑ ↓ ← →: up, down, left, right.2.Spacekey or Enter: OK3.Esc: Menu and return.


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