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Release: Amberskull-PLAZA


In a dusty, dark corner of an old shabby room, a TV crackles to life and a collection of VHS tapes call to you. Prepare to embark on a journey through a dark forest, a frozen wasteland, a mysterious ocean and an abandoned facility. Each location you visit is shrouded in secrets hidden in plain sight…but be aware, not everything is as it seems.Features Heart-pounding fear and stressful fun Each location you visit has its own unique feel & challenges An overarching mystery that is waiting to be solved After completing an area, you can unlock an extreme remixed version of that area Find collectibles hidden through the game


Wähle einen Hoster. Sofern die Hoster die gleiche Anzahl an Dateien haben, sind diese untereinander kompatibel.

  • 4 Dateien2,20 GB
  • 4 Dateien2,20 GB


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