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The Risers

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The Risers

The Risers is a 2.5D Fighting Game inspirated in the classical arcade figthing games like Mortal Kombat I and Street Fighter II.The new III World War, has became the world in to a future of ruins. In The Risers, you will play with 8 characters from differents nations; each one with differents objetives in the world tornament. Which the award, will be the control of the world and lead it in to a new future.In this Fighting Game, you can choose between 8 principal characters.Lord AustinA surgeon, obsessed to find the soul into the human body.AllegraA puppet with a principal target: protect and make the children laugh. FydoraEmpress of the forgotten realms from the East of Europe.SirA knight undead from iberian peninsula. His mission: find his love and calm his hunger.ThalasinusA firefighter who has been condemned by the Gods with the Kelpie's curse. He only wants one thing: face them.AkinA child, resulted from an experiment of genetic mix between a human and rat DNA. More animal than human, the only thing that he wants, is survive.TsuríMysterious essence from the nature. Seen for first time in the Japan's forests, he shows in the form of a samurai.Mr. WyndiKnown as "the Wendigo with the cackler grin", his greed for the weapons and the essence of the gangsters from twentieth century, is only to hide his own psychopathyFeaturesDiscover the endings of the eight characters.Use 2 manual combos and 2 auto combos with only one button of each character.One Hyper movement for each character, executable by only two buttons.Kickback system: X-BREAKER. Executable by one button in critical health state. Face to 7 fighters in arcade mode and fight against the final boss.Choose between four difficulty levels and experiment of a game mode that goes from the simplicity, to the frenzy.


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