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Delve is an esoteric adventure-RPG that combines a mind-bending story with classic, satisfying JRPG combat. The Wanderer, a blank slate of a person, has been dropped into the strange world of Esoteria, grasping at memories from their early life on Earth. Upon their arrival, they are menaced by a smiling killer, who vows to murder them. The Killer lets the Wanderer loose, promising that when they least expect it, he will appear and end their story at the tip of his blade. But can the Wanderer fight back? Will you? Navigate Esoteria and discover its secrets Meet and recruit a cast of colourful characters 16 unique endings to discover, including a true ending that reveals the true nature of Esoteria Medium-tuned difficulty makes the game accessible to RPG vets and newbies alike No random battles, every enemy is on-screen and encounters are unique No BS, No Early-Access scheme, No DRM, complete single-player RPG goodness CHOOSE TO BECOME ONE WITH YOUR KILLER... Full controller support

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