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Factory of Monsters

Release: Factory.of.Monsters-PLAZA

Factory of Monsters

Oh, Hi! This is an action and shooting platform game based on eradication of monsters. You have an electromagnetic hand gun from Galaxy researching institution of weaponsand... your fist."Story mode"A monster factory suddenly appeared in the city. Horrible insects, monsters, and flying creatures were turning the city into ruins.The officer of Star Troops, Su Anya, is rushing to the factory. At this time, it may depend on her to rescue the city's security forces. But the landing point is a little bit far from the factory. She has to pass through the magic forest, glacier, desert...... To reach the factory, we must hurry up. Numbers of monsters are increasing rapidly."Entertainment mode"The Field of Twins of Queen: This is a collision between magic and technology.Back Line: go to defeat the destroyer of the city.Lab: from where you may find clues to monsters on condition that you can come back alive.Game features:Challenging platform jumping and traps.Dancing with those enemies and music.Escaping from big bugs and dangerous monsters.Try to collect crystals and gemstones, though they can't help in this war.Using... the fist to march forward. Perhaps using electromagnetic weapon could be better.


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