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Zpeciation Tough Days

Release: Zpeciation.Tough.Days-PROPHET

Zpeciation Tough Days

Description:It is a spin-off of the Zpeciation universe in the classical TD genre allowing to get acquainted with some features of the world. The game takes you through missions united by a common developing storyline to the cataclysm origins and emergence of new forces. Countless hordes of infected creatures are on your way, as well as difficult tasks promising good rewards for their successful completion. Equip the squad and prepare for a meeting with new dominant species. Extinction is the destiny of the weakest.Technical:8 Unique Maps8 Types Of Weapons18 Types Of Enemies3 Types Of DifficultyAll of this allows you to find your unique strategy of survival and winning.


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  • 2 Dateien816,39 MB
  • 2 Dateien816,39 MB


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