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Unexplored The Dark Ritual

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Unexplored The Dark Ritual

Dear Master,As per your request, I have successfully infiltrated the Mansion to discover the true nature of the Cult. What I have found is most disturbing. They are foolishly planning to awaken what they call 'The Great Old One'. It is supposedly their god who lies dormant deep near the bones of the earth.I have not yet discovered how they plan to do this, but I ask you to hurry to this site of evil and stop them from achieving their goal. I fear it will not end well for any of us if they succeed.Your faithful servant,Rodney. Stop the ritual before the clock strikes twelve!In this brand new adventure you arrive at the Cultist's mansion in the nick of time. Gather clues about the nature of dark ritual, and find the right method to stop them before it is all too late. Every time you change locations, time advances, and as the clock approaches midnight foul magics start tearing at the very fabric of reality.


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